11 - 13 October, 2013

Their Excellencies, Barone Orlando and Baronessa Caterina invite you to join the Barony of Namron in selecting their next Protector and Rapier Champion.

As one of the oldest and most prestigious tournaments in The Kingdom of Ansteorra, Protectorate is a must attend event for both Chivalric and Rapier fighters alike. To see a list of past protectors go here. For a list of past rapier champions go here.

Protectorate Highlights

Children's Activities
Noble's and Champion's Luncheon
A&S Tournament
Brewing Competition
Archery and Thrown Weapons Fun Shoots
Fun Evening Revel!

Protectorate is being held at Camp DaKaNi this year. Directions can be found by going here. The site is wet but we ask that all beverages be in period containers. 

For more information about SITE FEES, please see here